Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A nice little post in which all I do is complain.

You guys.  I am in a funk.  Like an "all I want to do is sleep and sit on the couch and eat bon bon's and watch reality TV all day by myself in my pajamas" funk.  Unfortunately, I am in the middle of 47 different projects.  Between work, home and personal life I barely have time to think.  I'm running on coffee and gummy bears at this point.

Just when I think I have a minute to sit someone or something swoops in an says "Nope!  Not yet!"

I know.  I KNOW.  "Cry me a river, Mandy. We are all going crazy too."

I shouldn't be complaining.  Amongst the chaos, life is pretty darn good but dammit, I'm not perfect and if I want to complain about silly things then complain I will!

This week is just complete madness.  Something everything night and the weekend is jammed packed.  I am decorating for a wedding (YAY!), have a one year old birthday party to go to, prom for T.A., Norwalk City wide garage sales(which I refuse to miss!) and my brother and sister-in-law will be in town visiting.  Which means I need to multiple by 6 stat so I can be every where at once.  Ain't gonna happen.  Not to mention I am right in the middle of spring cleaning.  My dining room table is currently covered in light fixtures and ceiling fan blades that need washed and re-hung and don't even get me started on the guest bedroom.  It is currently the "dumping spot" for anything and everything that NEEDS TO GO.  Thankfully this weekend is also city wide clean up so everything will go to the curb.

Also, I started planning Easton's first birthday.  If you know me well enough then you know that THIS is the only thing on my mind.  I go nuts when it comes to party planning.  And I will stay nuts until the day of the party (25 more days).  A little side gig that is slooooowly happening is sloooooowly getting there and the slow process is driving me crazy.  Hopefully by mid May I can share with everyone!  Until then, I will continue to go crazy.

There you have it!  A nice little post in which all I do is complain.  I need a vaca.  On an island.  Party of 1.

Later, dudes.

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