Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Joe + Mary

I got the pleasure to be a part of my brother's wedding a few weeks ago.  It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, laughs and love.  My Sweetie Pete's was the ring bear and he did a great job!  I also decorated for the reception.  I'm so happy they let me do this.  With my new adventure starting of decorating for weddings at a local wedding venue, I was able to really see what I could do.  It's such a beautiful place with a lot to offer, check out Barnes' Place if you live in Iowa and are looking for a rustic/barn vibe.

Let's get to the photos.

 All photos courtesy of Katie Lindgren Photography

You can also check out their wedding day video at: Wedding Day Rewind - Mary and Joseph

Also, I started a new blog to highlight weddings that I decorate for.  No names or personal info will be given on this blog, only photos of the decor.  Once I get some post added I will share it with you all!

Joe and Mar, thanks for letting my family and I be such a big part of your special day!  It was a truly wonderful day filled with so much love for the two of you!  I hope you know how much you are loved.  I wish you both all the happiness in the world as you travel through your life together.  Love you both.  Xoxo.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Good morning!  We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We switched things up a bit this year and went out to my cousins house.  It was a nice, refreshing change!  We had lots of delicious food, was able to spend most of the day out side, shot guns, had an Easter egg hunt, went and visited the cows, rode on the lawn tractor and had fun swinging!  It was wonderful!
Friday night my mom and I went to the George Strait concert!  It's the second time we have seen him and I enjoyed his concert this more than last time.  He sang 30 of his 60 #1 hits and most of them were his old songs, the songs I grew up listening to.  I love his new stuff too but it doesn't get any better than good ol' George!

Unfortunately Easton was (and still is) sick most of the weekend.  He is so congested with a runny nose, watery eyes and well...he is just a little crab ass!  I think it's a mix of teething, allergies and sinus.  Yippee.  I need to get him into the doctor to get him looked at.  If it is allergies I'm hoping we can put him on a low dosage of something to give him some relief.  He is just miserable and I feel for him...allergies suck!  He still managed to score some great Easter gifts from the Easter bunny and he had so much fun on Sunday that he fell asleep in the swing :)
My sweet Bugs...can't believe he will be one in May.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What I'm looking forward to.

Easton is at such a fun {and trying} age right now.  He is by far the sweetest thing I have ever laid eyes on and I'm so happy that he is such a happy little guy!  He is into everything.  EVERYTHING.  When everyone would say "just wait until he starts walking" they weren't lying.  We are constantly following him around, picking up the dog food and water dishes, moving him away from plants and don't even get me started on the toilet paper roll.  My so-called orderly, organized, always planned life has defiantly taken a nose dive and you know what?  I am surprisingly OK with it.

Before Easton, dishes in the sink would make me anxious.  Picture frames and throw pillows "out of place" would give me hives and don't even get me started on shoes by the front door {shiver} but now, now that things aren't in place and my life is suddenly chaotic and all over the place puts a huge smile on my face.  Why you ask?  Because my little guy is HAPPY.  He is safe and happy and so loved and that is all that matters.

And I'm looking more and more forward to more chaos everyday.  I can't wait for Easton to be able to play outside and come in with red cheeks and sweaty forehead and neck.  I can't wait to wash his little ball uniforms full of grass stains and dirt.  I'm actually looking forward to potty training.  Have you seen little boy underwear these days?  Aborbs!  Our sweet E is all boy.  He is rowdy, loud, rambunctious, fearless. Yesterday we were blessed with beautiful weather.  60's!  Easton stood at the front door just looking outside watching the older kids for the longest time.  It made my heart skip a beat.  He looked so big but yet so small.
My house is by no means a disaster.  I still have to pick up every night before bed and every morning before work.  All the beds still have to be made and the kitchen and bathroom counters have to be wiped off every time before I leave the house {that will never change} but the "stuff" all around?  It's cool, yo.  We are homie's now.  Easton has taught me to let go a bit.  Until he starts playing with Lego's.  If I ever step on one of those little f'ers they are getting tossed!  Those things hurt.

As time goes by I hope I can sit back and observe.  I don't want to miss a thing.  A part of me wants time to hurry up a bit so we can get to the point where we have practices and school functions to go to but another part of me wants time to stand still.  I forever want him to have his big blue eyes and soft blond hair.  I want to bottle up his sweet baby smell and record his belly laugh.  Don't even get my started on those chunky thighs...but I know time will pass quicker than I think and pretty soon I will be wishing he was little again.  Every moment will be a treasure.  I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday.

Easton turned 9 months on Monday!  Fortunately he had no shots at the well check this time around.  Of course, the one appointment my husband goes to!  He always gets the easy road...kidding!  My sweet babe weight 20 lbs. 14 oz. (70 %), is 28.6 inches long (59 %) and his head is 18.2 inches round (83 %).  He has 9 teeth and is starting to figure out that he can bite (not fun).  He is a super fast crawler, pulls himself up and walks along furniture, can stand for a few seconds by himself, loves food, loves the dog kennel and mom's purse, has the most delicious belly laugh and the chunkiest little thighs.

 Love my little ham and cheese.

Hi, my name is Mandy and I wear girls' jeans.  Yep, it's true.  I have a hard time finding jeans that fit.  I am not one to spend a bazillion dollars on clothes.  I do have a few pair of really nice jeans but they still don't "fit".  Here is my issue...I'm taller with normal hips, thighs and butt but I have this unrealistic small waist.  This has been a constant battle my whole life.  If I could buy Arizona Slim brand jeans like I had to growing up, I totally would.  Every pair I own fit great in the butt and legs and are huge in the waist/hips.  This is where girls' jeans come in!  Why you ask?  Adjustable waist!  Yep, don't laugh.

The pink jeans in the photo are size 12 girls jeans with an adjustable waist.

Proof.  Jordache brand from the Wal-Mart little girls section.  I get most of my skinny jeans there.  I have tried Target several times but can never find adjustable waist pants there!  Another great brand for me is Levi's. I know, I know...definitely not "fashionable" brands but they work for me!


On Tuesday, my husband and I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  My thoughts so far?
1. I don't really feel different, yet.
2. I can't believe we are both sticking with it.  Meals and all.  We usually quit these things after a few days.
3. I heart Spark.
4. I hate hate hate (yes, it deserves three hates) the fiber drink.  I have to mix it with OJ and drink it through a straw so the texture doesn't hit my lips.

I am in desperate need for a new bra and to sized.  Any suggestions?  My boobs are way smaller than they were pre-pregnancy and well...all my bras are too big.  Anyone been sized lately?  Where did you go?


I am so amped up (taking you back to the 90's) for tonight!  I get to celebrate my b-day with my best gals and enjoy their company.  Something I have needed for a few months now!  Can't wait!

Cheers, happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Country Chic + Rustic Bridal Shower.

A few weekends ago my cousin and I hosted a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law!  Their wedding "theme" is rustic/country and so I wanted that to be the flow for the shower as well.  We hosted the shower at my mom's and couldn't have done this without her help!

I ordered the invite and recipe card from OliveJuiceStationary on Etsy and had them printed at a local print shop.

For the food we served breakfast casseroles, little sausage smokies, guests could make their own individual fruit pizzas and of course, mimosa's!  A little tip...add orange sorbet ice cream to your mimosa's!  Yum!

The little food signs were a last minute add-in {as in I was writing on them as guests were arriving}.  I simply took chalk board stickers and added them to a note card that I folded in half and the silverware we wrapped in paper doily's and tied with twine.  Easy peasy.

I made this photo banner with twine, paper doily's and snapshots of Joe and Mary.  I attached them to the twine with tiny clothes pins!

 For the mantle I made simple arrangements with baby's breath and hydrangea's in galvanized buckets, floating lemons and simple votive candles.  My cousin made the awesome burlap wreath which was also a shower gift!

For the guest table, I went with the same vibe as the wedding reception decor.  Old suitcase, fresh flower arrangement with lemons, a recipe box for the recipes that the guests brought, a count down chalk board, a metal "H" and of course, pictures of the happy couple!

My cousin, Kala, Mary and I

It was a great shower and as always, it's great to see family and friends you don't get to see very often!  My family adores Mary and we are so happen to now have her officially be a part of our family!  I can't believe she is willing to put up with my little brother for that long ;)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap + the Big 3-0!

Well....today I turn 30!  Holy moly I cannot believe it!  You know when you were younger and 30 seemed so far away?  It sneaks up on ya fast!  I'm loving it though, feeling a lot of love today!

When I got to work today I found that my office had been decorated by two little sweeties:

I plan on celebrating Friday night with friends enjoying sushi {I have never tried, any suggestions?} and dessert and drinks at a local dessert lounge here in Des Moines.  Tomorrow morning Eric and I are starting the Advocare 24 day challenge.  This is something I have wanted to do for the longest time and I thought this would be the time to do it.  We are also a month out from my brothers wedding.  Hopefully we can both look stellar and feel better!  We are holding each other accountable!

Per usual, we had another fabulous weekend.  My brother and his fiance had their bachelor and bachelorette parties this weekend and we also had Mary's family shower to attend.  The guys headed up to Minnesota Friday morning for a weekend full of cold, outdoor shenanigans (no thanks) and the ladies enjoyed a night filled with games, an awesome dinner and drinks afterwards.  It's nice to get out of the house but I quickly realize how much I love being home once I am out.  The crowds, the loud music, clearly I'm an old lady these days!  It's just not for me anymore so I left early {whomp whomp} and let Mary and her best gals have all the fun!
The whole crew!
I wore one of my new shirts.  LOVE! And, this is why I  never take selfies...I have no idea what I am doing!
Easton was a hit at Mary's bridal shower.  He now has his first crush, Averie's legs!  It was the funniest thing.  He kept kissing her legs.  Love my little guy!

Speaking of Easton, he is 9 months old today!  I will do a full 9 month recap after his appointment tomorrow.  I can't believe he is almost one.

That's all for today!  Time to enjoy a birthday lunch at Panera!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday.

This week has flow by at lightning speed.  I am so behind!  My to-do list is 47 pages long which makes my anxiety sky high BUT I am truckin' along.  Someday, it will all get done...hopefully.

Enough with the complaining all ready {it is Friday ladies!}, let's get on with the good stuff.


Rap music.  Totally not for me but for some reason lately I have been really into it.  It's my go-to every morning to get me ready for the day.  I never understand what they are saying rapping but its a good beat and puts me in a good mood.

Don't fret!  I still love my country music :)


I have a love affair with Target.  Who doesn't?  Every time I go I always tell myself "stick to the list, stick.to.the.list" and it NEVER happens.  I always come out with way more.  They have some adorable spring/summer clothes out right now and I snatched a few new shirts up yesterday!  I got the shirt above but in Ivory.

I have started gathering goodies for my sweet E's first Easter basket.  I am so excited about this!  I can't wait to fill it will all things spring/summer that he can play with outside!  I plan on picking up a play truck of some sort and filling the back end of it with everything.

Any ideas for great Easter gifts for an almost 1 year old?


Losing a loved one is hard and unfortunately yesterday two people I know lost two very important people.  My brother Todd lost his grandma and my folks' neighbors, who we are very close with, lost their mom.  I just hate when things like this happen.  Even when you sort of expect it, it's still never easy to say good-bye to great people.  Please keep my family and their families in your prayers!

I am so geared up for another great weekend!  I have a bridal shower to go to for my sweet future sister-in-law and her bachelorette party!  Woo hoo!  I still need to post about the bridal shower I hosted for her and I hope to do so next week {it's on my 47 page to-do list!}.

Happy Friday friends!  Have a great weekend.